Friday, May 29, 2009

Using technology in the classroom

The possibilities of using technology are endless. There is so much that is being created, and most are user friendly that there really is no reason why one can't incorporate it into the classroom. Here I want to focus on pod casting. After doing the podcast exercise for class, I recognized a valuable way to use it. This past school year I saw about a third of all my students in the ESL program. When giving a test it's always difficult to cover all the modifications that these students need. My vision is to use the podcast to be able to keep all students together when taking a test without singling out any who need modifications. Being able to present both an oral and visual version of the test would be beneficial. It would allow students to easily follow and not move ahead before anyone else. Also, since it would be prerecorded, it would enable me to easily monitor the class. I see pod casting as a great tool that I could use immediately in my classroom.


  1. I love your idea about using podcasts when giving tests. I also feel like some of my students are singled out when I give a test or quiz. It would be very interesting to see if everyone did better having the test on a podcast rather than just giving them the test and letting them loose. I would be very intersted to hear what you thought after using the podcasts with your classes.

  2. I agree with you, podcasting is a great way to keep all ESL program students more ways of taking the test. It will give each student two different ways of taking a test and it will show them eventually were they are strong, auditory or visual. Great Idea. I hope that you go for it and it pays off for you.