Friday, May 22, 2009


Reading "Social Networking" really opened my eyes. It was nice to get information on some of the very popular sites that everyone is talking about. Through the work that I've had to do for the class this week, I have a better understanding of what's out there and where it came from. More often my views about these sites have been negative, but I now realize that it was because I never really took the time to research them. There's both positive and negative aspects to these sites, but it's all in the way that you use them. Education is key... learning, knowing and understanding.


  1. Positive and Negative..that seems to be a constant concept through all of the articles and all of our comments. Education each other and ourselves is very important. I always felt I was on the up and up with technology but reading these artciles and finding out there are things out there I have never heard of changes my mind. It will be nice to learn and find out ways we can use them positively!

  2. There are definitely positives and negatives. I think we have to be careful in how we use this technology in the classroom because if we do not teach our students how to be safe with microblogging then there could be a lot of negative things coming out of the increase in technology. I also have not taken time to research any of these sites, but I feel they can eventually be very beneficial to how we communicate with students, other teachers, and parents.