Sunday, June 21, 2009

Professional Portfolio

Being able to use technology to create and display my professional portfolio was a great experience. These three methods which I used - personal websites, plaxo, and linkedin were all good ways to be able to put it together and share it with others. For me, I prefer both the personal website and plaxo as they were easy to work with as opposed to linkedin. I also like how with plaxo you can both determine the type of connection you will have with others and use it to connect with other sites as well. Using the personal website was easy and allowed me to be creative in the way I put my portfolio together. The one downside was only being able to display it to email addresses that I knew or make it public which I prefer not to do. As a student of technology, I pretty much determine the pros and cons of each site by whether or not they are user friendly to me. For me plaxo and the personal website were, linkedin not so much.

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